Bird Control


There are several species of birds that are classed as pests –  not only do they cause lots of damage, but they can also spread serious diseases. Bird droppings are unsightly, they damage buildings through chemical reaction and cause a slip hazard especially when wet. Nests block gutters and are a major cause of insects such as flies, fleas, and textile pests.

We offer a range of bird control solutions which include biocide treatments, cleaning and removal of debris, proofing of buildings and scaring techniques.


As pest professionals we can identify locations around your premises where bird activity is most likely to occur and can provide a bespoke solution to offer control – netting systems, specialist wire systems, bird spikes and electrical deterrent systems are just some of the recognised methods we use to stop birds from roosting and nesting on your building.




We supply a range of specialist scaring methods including bird repellent gel, visible deterrents and both audio and laser devices – working with a specialist Falconer we can also provide hawking services.

We believe reducing bird numbers to solve a problem should only be considered as a last resort – we have a full understanding of the law and use trapping and culling methods to provide a completely legal service.