Fly Control


Flies and other flying insects pose a persistent health threat – due to the millions of harmful bacteria they carry, they contaminate food and can have a serious impact on your business and reputation.

By understanding the risks, we can provide a solution to prevent and control all types of flying insects by using the most appropriate selection of screens and electronic control units.


Designed to attract, kill and contain flying insects efficiently, we supply and maintain a wide range of high-specification, electric high-voltage and adhesive fly control units. 

All models have UV light (proven to attract many types of flying insects) and utilise either a glue board (for sensitive areas) or an electric grid to offer control.

We also offer a range of decorative units to avoid distraction of your work environment and slim, lightweight units disguised as lights for maximum discretion.

Fly control units can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing and we offer servicing to ensure they are working effectively at all times.




Legislation states that opening windows and doors must be fitted with insect proof screens, we provide a wide range designed to meet your specific requirements.

Our screens are manufactured on site to fit any type of door or window and help to prevent flying insects from entering your premises.

We also supply and install fly chains, fly screen curtains and strip curtains which are flexible and ideal for any width of opening.