Pest Control


It’s important to protect your business and home from pests – they carry diseases, cause damage to property and can seriously affect your reputation. We offer a range of solutions to control unwanted visitors whilst ensuring compliance with legislation and all relevant health and safety regulations.



Designed to meet the legislative needs of commercial premises our managed service gives you the reassurance your business is safe and protected.

We understand that pests can have a serious impact on your business so we use our detailed knowledge to assess your requirements and deliver the most appropriate solution to protect your operation.

Our service includes regular inspections from qualified technicians, detailed reports to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and also offers advice on housekeeping, hygiene and proofing to ensure a pest free environment.



For businesses with specific audit requirements we offer a complete and enhanced approach to provide you with a fully integrated pest management service.

Designed to meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and allied industries, this tailored service includes scheduled treatments, detailed technical inspections with action reports and site plans to provide a bespoke service compliant with standards such as BRC and AIB.



We appreciate how living with pests can have a serious effect on your quality of life and so we offer a sympathetic approach to removing unwanted visitors.

Whenever possible, we will offer alternative treatment methods and always provide a fixed price quotation before any work is undertaken. We will keep you updated throughout the process to ensure you have peace of mind at all times.